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Overview for Dlala Islamic Brokerage Company 

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Company Overview
Mission & Vision
Why DLALA Islamic?

Dlala Islamic Brokerage Company (W.L.L) is a subsidiary of Dlala Holding Company (QSC), and Dlala Islamic Brokerage is considered one of the early leading providers of all brokerage services compliant with Islamic law in the State of Qatar, where it was established in January 2006, the idea of creating a company that specializes in providing all brokerage services compliant with Islamic law came in the context of development of the State of Qatar, and perhaps this rapid development pace in the Islamic finance industry is the key factor for the crystallization of the idea of establishing a company specialized in providing of brokerage services compatible with Islamic Sharia, like Dlala Islamic Brokerage Company, to meet the needs of Islamic investors who are interested in trading in securities in accordance with Islamic law.

Dlala has an audit Sharia body consists of qualified scientists, whose role is to make sure to set rules and standards necessary legitimacy, and the extent of compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and provides the sharia judgment for all transactions of the company.

Today, Dlala has the innovation, credibility and achieves full customer satisfaction, where featuring of a qualified specialist team to provide the best financial services during working hours to meet customer needs, and allows significant opportunity to trade through the more efficient and comprehensive electronic trading channels online.


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